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Thursday’s NON-FICTION Free and Bargain Books

Marriage God’s Way: A Biblical Recipe for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered Relationships (FREE!)

Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Recipe for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered RelationshipsGod intended marriage to be a great joy, but we can only experience this joy if we embrace the principles in His Word. Whether you are preparing for your wedding, newlyweds, or marriage veterans, Marriage God’s Way will teach you the recipe for a healthy, joyful, Christ-centered relationship!

Endorsed by prominent ministry leaders:

  • “The reader will be richly rewarded!”–TEDD TRIPP: Best-selling author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart
  • “This is what every marriage needs!”–SCOTT BROWN: Founder of The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches and author of A Theology of the Family
  • “Scott LaPierre helps couples find the intimacy God intended!”–REB BRADLEY: Founder of Family Ministries and best-selling author of Child Training Tips

As the author of marriage, God placed the instructions in His Word that show husbands and wives how to experience the marital blessings available to every couple. Pastor Scott explains:

  • Scripture’s commands for husbands and wives
  • Godly love and how to show it
  • Submission and headship
  • Biblical intimacy
  • How to build your marriage on an indestructible foundation

Scott LaPierre combines clear teaching from Scripture with practical application to encourage, challenge, and equip you to experience God’s best in your marriage!

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Word Order in English Sentences (SAVE 82%)

Word Order in English SentencesWant to know what subject-verb-object REALLY means? Unsure about where to place your adverbs? Need to rearrange sentences confidently? This is the book for you. A complete foundation in word order and sentence structure for the English language, “Word Order in English Sentences” can be used both for reference and as a full self-study guide. From basic rules through to the many considerations of adverbial phrases, prepositions and complex sentences, with exercises in between, this grammar guide contains everything you need for a strong understanding of how sentences are put together. Explore the patterns and rules needed to form accurate verb, noun and adverbial phrases; the positions of adjectives, determiners and prepositions; concepts of forming and reforming sentences, moving clauses and breaking down phrases and more. It is presented with easy-to-follow explanations, for flexible use, with clear examples and exercises to test understanding.

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Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage (SAVE 88%)

Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese OrphanageIrrepressible memories. Vacant eyes. A child being dangled from a third story window. A boy tied to a chair. Children sleeping in layers of clothing to fight off the bitter cold. An infant dying from starvation. Some things your mind will never allow you to forget.

Silent Tears is the true story of the adversity and triumphs one woman faced as she fought against the Chinese bureaucracy to help that country’s orphaned children.

In 2003, Kay Bratt’s life changed dramatically. A wife and mother of two girls in South Carolina, Bratt relocated her family to rural China to support her husband as he took on a new management position for his American employer. Seeking a way to fill her days and overcome the isolation she experienced upon arriving in a foreign country, Bratt began volunteering at the local orphanage. Within months, her simple desire to make use of her time transformed into a heroic crusade to improve the living conditions and minimize the unnecessary deaths of Chinese orphans.

Silent Tears traces the emotional hurdles and daily frustrations faced by Ms. Bratt as she tried to change the social conditions for these marginalized children. The memoir vividly illustrates how she was able to pull from reservoirs of inner strength to pursue her mission day after day, leaving the reader with the resounding message that everyone really can make a difference.

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