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Samantha Moon: The First Four Vampire for Hire Novels (Plus Three Bonus Novels) (FREE!)

Samantha Moon: The First Four Vampire for Hire Novels (Plus Three Bonus Novels)Boxed set of the first four #1 bestselling “Vampire for Hire” mystery novels, starring Samantha Moon―mother, wife, private investigator… vampire. (Plus the Christmas Moon novella and three bonus novels!)

The thrilling first novel in Amazon’s #1 bestselling supernatural mystery series. For fans of Sookie Stackhouse, Harry Dresden and Anita Blake, Moon Dance heralds the arrival of America’s favorite new vampire detective.

Amazon Top 100 Bestseller―for over one year!

“I love this!” -Piers Anthony
“Absolutely brilliant!” -Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
“Moon Dance is a must read!” -Eve Paludan
“Impossible to put down!” -April Vine

MOON DANCE (Vampire for Hire #1)

Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire.

Now working the night shift as a private investigator, Samantha is hired by Kingsley Fulcrum to investigate the murder attempt on his life, a horrific scene captured on TV and seen around the country. But as the case unfolds, Samantha discovers Kingsley isn’t exactly what he appears to be; after all, there is a reason why he survived five shots to the head.

VAMPIRE MOON (Vampire for Hire #2)

Samantha finds herself hunting down a powerful crime lord and protecting an innocent woman from her ruthless ex-husband―all while two very different men vie for her heart. And as the stakes grow higher and her cases turn personal, Samantha Moon will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent and bring two cold-blooded killers to justice―her own brand of justice.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE (Vampire for Hire #3)

Samantha receives a heartbreaking phone call from a very unlikely source: a five-year-old girl who’s been missing for three months. Now on the hunt, Sam will use her considerable resources―including her growing supernatural abilities―to locate the missing girl before it’s too late. And as she gets closer and closer to the horrible truth, she receives devastating news on the home front. Now with her world turned upside down, Samantha Moon is forced to make the ultimate choice of life and death.

MOON CHILD (Vampire for Hire #4)

Samantha is faced with an impossible decision―a decision that no mother should ever have to make. A decision that will change her life, and those she loves, forever. And through it all, Sam finds herself in a lethal game of vampire vs. vampire as a powerful―and desperate―enemy will stop at nothing to claim what he most desires.

CHRISTMAS MOON (Vampire for Hire #4.5)

Now with Christmas just around the corner, Samantha finds herself taking on a very strange case. A mysterious family treasure has been stolen, something priceless that’s been passed down through the generations, something buried in secrets.

Dark Horse
The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo
Hear No Evil

**Acclaim for the novels of J.R. Rain**

“Be prepared to lose sleep!”
James Rollins, bestselling author of Bloodline and The Blood Gospel

“I love this!”
Piers Anthony, bestselling author of On A Pale Horse and Luck of the Draw

“J.R. Rain delivers a blend of action and wit that always entertains. Quick with the one-liners, but his characters are fully fleshed out (even the undead ones) and you’ll come back again and again.”
Scott Nicholson, bestselling author of Chronic Fear and After: The Shock

“Powerful stuff!”
Aiden James, bestselling author of Immortal Plague and The Forgotten Eden

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Crimson Worlds Collection III: Crimson Worlds Books 7-9 (Crimson Worlds Collections Book 3) (SAVE 80%)

Crimson Worlds Collection III: Crimson Worlds Books 7-9 (Crimson Worlds Collections Book 3)Books 7-9 of Jay Allan’s Crimson Worlds Series in One Discounted Collection

The Shadow Legions (Crimson Worlds 7)

The war with the First Imperium is over, and the shattered fleet is limping home. Erik Cain, and the rest of the high command, are grimly satisfied that humanity has been saved from the First Imperium. There is no joy, however, no elation at the “victory.” The losses this time were too heavy…too personal…to bear. They did what had to be done to drive back the enemy and save the human worlds from certain destruction. Now they are left to find a way to live with the gut wrenching sacrifices that victory had required.

They needed time for repairs, time to replace losses, time to learn how to go on in the aftermath of what had happened. But the fleet wasn’t heading for a rest…they were moving into another firestorm. A new menace is waiting for them, and it threatens to shatter the fragile alliance of the Earth powers and throw the powers into another desperate war…one that might be the final confrontation.

On world after world, mysterious forces are invading, taking control of the most vital colonies. The invaders are well-drilled powered infantry, veteran forces that quickly shatter the planetary militias and establish brutal occupation regimes.

Garret, Cain, and the leaders of the Alliance’s forces must face this new threat…an unknown enemy that is as well trained and equipped as the Marines themselves. Indeed, on some colony worlds rumors are already spreading that the invaders are the Marines themselves, that they have come to conquer, to rule…

Even Legends Die (Crimson Worlds 8)

Gavin Star, has made his bid for power. The clone soldiers of his Shadow Legions have seized dozens of colony worlds, imposing his brutal rule over millions. His plan is no less than to subjugate all mankind.

On Earth, Stark’s manipulations have brought the Powers to the brink of war, threatening the Treaty of Paris and its prohibition against terrestrial combat. For a century, man has restricted his conflicts to space, but now the Powers are sliding closer to the edge.

On a few colony worlds, the remnants of the Marine Corps struggle against Stark’s armies…the only hope of turning back the tide of destruction that threatens to engulf all mankind. They are outnumbered, but they will fight, standing grimly in the breach, holding back Stark’s dark legions. The Marines will give their all, fight with the last of their strength and resolve. But this time the cost will be too high to bear, too personal. Even Marines need their heroes, their legends. But even legends die.

The Fall (Crimson Worlds 9)

Erik Cain is the hero of the Marine Corps, a celebrated warrior who has led his grim veterans into countless battles. But now he has left the Corps, driven to madness by an overwhelming need for vengeance. He has sworn to kill Gavin Stark, the madman responsible for his mentor’s death and he is pursuing his prey across occupied space.

Meanwhile, on a dozen colony worlds, Marines land to face the forces of Stark’s Shadow Legions. They are supported by the Janissaries, longtime enemies now turned allies, but they are exhausted and outnumbered, facing a vastly superior enemy entrenched and waiting for them. But they are veterans, men and women who have battled the armies of the First Imperium and lived to tell the tale. They know what is at stake, and they are determined to prevail, even if none of them come back.

And on Earth, the economic collapse Stark engineered has shattered the Treaty of Paris and its century-long prohibition against terrestrial warfare. Millions are dead as the war between the Superpowers spreads across the Earth, a growing conflagration that could end in apocalyptic nuclear, chemical, and biological exchanges.

Will mankind live under the iron boot of Gavin Stark and his clone descendants forever? Or will Erik Cain and the Marines defeat him once and for all?

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The Oath of Nimrod: Giants, MK-Ultra and the Smithsonian Coverup (Book #4 in Templars in America Series) (SAVE 93%)

The Oath of Nimrod: Giants, MK-Ultra and the Smithsonian Coverup (Book #4 in Templars in America Series)A mysterious race of North American giants.

An ancient Hebrew inscription in a Cherokee burial mound.

A blood oath made by blindfolded Freemasons.

Are these three historical oddities the reason the CIA is trying to brainwash historian Cameron Thorne and his fiancée Amanda Spencer-Gunn? The answer lies buried in the legends of the Knights Templar, within the rituals of the secretive Freemasons and, most significantly of all, inside the bowels of the Smithsonian Institution. The problem for Cam and Amanda? If they go rummaging around the Smithsonian, they may find themselves buried alongside the ancient giants. A stand-alone novel in the “Templars in America” series.

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