Wednesday’s SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY Free and Bargain Books

Stronger Than Magic: An Elemental Fantasy Series (House of Xannon Book 1) (FREE!)

Stronger Than Magic: An Elemental Fantasy Series (House of Xannon Book 1)Tarian Xannon fights demons like the rest of us. This time, the demon just happens to be real.

Tarian Xannon stands to inherit the water artifact, one of four elemental objects that grants the user enormous power and responsibility. With it she’ll lead the secret magical Society, hiding in plain sight in the modern world. 

But when Tarian is blindsided by a demon-like creature who steals her blood, it launches a chain of events that marks the beginning of change for her family and the world. 

As Tarian struggles to contain the chaos, her world unravels. Each step she takes makes things worse. In her quest to save her family, she might end up destroying the things she tries so desperately to protect.

Stronger Than Magic is the first book in the House of Xannon elemental magic series. If you like urban fantasy featuring strong women using magic, skill, and courage to save the world one catastrophe at a time, you’ll love the House of Xannon.

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Age of Order (Age of Order Saga Book 1) (SAVE 93%)

Age of Order (Age of Order Saga Book 1)“Readers will be transfixed by this novel” — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

Daniela Machados can run. She’s the track star of Bronx City and an ace student, but that isn’t enough for a nope like her to get out of the barrio.

The Orderist movement has spawned a society that rewards those who supposedly possess “merit,” which includes America’s wealthiest. Manhattan has become the capital of the forty-nine Orderist-led states, while California suffers under an economic embargo. Cities such as Manhattan have become cocoons where the so called “highborn” enjoy the pleasures of farm-grown food and private parks, while their outwardly perfect children are protected by floating nanny-like drones that follow them everywhere.

Daniela always dreamed of escaping the desperation of Bronx City. The chance to attend the elite Tuck School—a place where even the highborn struggle to obtain a spot—is too great an opportunity to ignore. But what do the richies really want from her?

Daniela is thrust into a world very different than the one she expected, a place where both treachery and honor are camouflaged behind beautiful faces. Intrigue and peril soon engulf her, and Daniela learns those at society’s apex will stop at nothing to preserve their so-called order, but their enemies are no less ruthless. Betrayal is everywhere, but it is a girl from Bronx City who holds the future in her hands. Daniela may have a chance to change the world, if it does not change her first.

Hailed by Kirkus Reviews as the novel to revitalize the dystopian genre, Age of Order has the atmosphere of Blade Runner, the intrigue of Orphan Black and the emotional struggle of Slum Dog Millionaire. Grab it.

“[T]he engaging characters, suspenseful storyline and expert world building will keep readers entertained and spellbound.” –RT Book Review

2016 Lyra Award Winner – Best Young Adult Novel
2017 Los Angeles Book Festival – Best Science Fiction Novel
2017 CYGNUS Award Finalist – Best Science Fiction Novel
2017 CIPA EVVY Award Finalist – Best Science Fiction Novel
Eric R Hoffer Award (Honorable Mention, Best E-Book)
Kirkus Reviews Starred Novel (awarded to approximately 2% of all novels)

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Reign of Madness (King’s Dark Tidings Book 2) (0.0 Star Reviews!)

Reign of Madness (King's Dark Tidings Book 2)An Amazon Top 100 Kindle Book
#3 on Audible’s “Highest Rated Audiobooks of 2016” (All genres) (Business Wire, Dec. 2016)

(Now professionally edited!)

The mysterious, indomitable warrior? Ruthless criminal overlord? The Riel’gesh – mythical demigod? Dedicated friend and protector?

Equipped with skills far beyond those of the outworlders, Rezkin has been suddenly thrust into a foreign world. The young warrior clings his only known purpose as he continues his search for any information about his identity and the reason for his existence. While the hardened warrior scorns both dueling and tournaments, he believes some of the answers he seeks may be found at the King’s Tournament, the greatest dueling championship in all of the kingdoms. As he searches for the elusive Striker Farson, who may be the only person alive who holds the clues, the young warrior and his friends embark on a journey fraught with danger, mystery and intrigue.

Amidst fears of the kingdom’s economic collapse, rumors of an eminent military draft, and the machinations of a mad, tyrannical king, a new revelation threatens to upend all the warrior’s plans.

This is the second book in the ongoing series “King’s Dark Tidings.”

King’s Dark Tidings Series
Book 1: Free the Darkness
Book 2: Reign of Madness
Book 3: Legends of Ahn
Book 4: Kingdoms and Chaos (coming 2018)

This book is intended for adult readers. It contains graphic violence, creative language, and sexual innuendo. This book does not contain explicit sexual content.

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