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Sharpe Edge (Maycroft Mystery Series Book 2) (FREE!)

Sharpe Edge (Maycroft Mystery Series Book 2)A HAPPY HOLIDAY OR A SILENT NIGHT?

A Christmas party for the upper crust of the small Texas town of Maycroft turns tragic when the hostess ends up dead. Everyone assumes her death is an accident—everyone except her daughter, Estelle. She turns to Deena to help solve the mystery. A jealous friend and a mysterious heir are just two of the likely suspects.

As a school teacher turned newspaper reporter, Deena must get crafty to dig out the truth before anyone else gets hurt, including her own brother, Russell. Not only is there a possible killer on the loose, but this may be Russell’s last chance at true love.

Sharpe Edge is Book 2 in the Maycroft Mystery Series. A little romance, some snarky suburban competition, and a lot of mystery will keep you turning pages in this cozy whodunit.

If you like a clean, cozy mystery with lots of guesswork, buy Sharpe Edge today!

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The Irish Inheritance: A Jayne Sinclair Genealogical Mystery (SAVE 92%)

The Irish Inheritance: A Jayne Sinclair Genealogical MysteryJuly 8, 1921. Ireland.
A British Officer is shot dead on a remote hillside south of Dublin.
November 22, 2015. United Kingdom.
Former police detective, Jayne Sinclair, now working as a genealogical investigator, receives a phone call from an adopted American billionaire asking her to discover the identity of his real father.
How are the two events linked?
Jayne Sinclair has only three clues to help her: a photocopied birth certificate, a stolen book and an old photograph. And it soon becomes apparent somebody else is on the trail of the mystery. A killer who will stop at nothing to prevent Jayne discovering the secret hidden in the past
The Irish Inheritance takes us through the Easter Rising of 1916 and the Irish War of Independence, combining a search for the truth of the past with all the tension of a modern-day thriller.
It is the first in a series of novels featuring Jayne Sinclair, genealogical detective.

Here’s what people are saying about The Irish Inheritance:

‘You won’t want to put it down. Great summer read.’

‘The final twist was a masterstroke.’

‘What a great story!’

‘I absolutely loved this book!’

‘Being a genealogist myself I loved Jayne Sinclair.’

‘Can’t wait for the next one’

‘Wonderful saga.’

‘Very well done. The author had me from the first chapter.’

‘For anyone who loves history or Ireland!’

‘This is a brilliant well told story. Very well written and had me gripped all the way through.’

‘Very good. I couldn’t put it down.’

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Mad City: The True Story of the Campus Murders That America Forgot (SAVE 80%)

Mad City: The True Story of the Campus Murders That America Forgot

An Amazon Charts most-read book.

Mad City: The True Story of the Campus Murders That America Forgot is a chilling, unflinching exploration of American crimes of the twentieth century and how one serial killer managed to slip through the cracks—until now.

In fall 1967, friends Linda Tomaszewski and Christine Rothschild are freshmen at the University of Wisconsin. The students in the hippie college town of Madison are letting down their hair—and their guards. But amid the peace rallies lurks a killer.

When Christine’s body is found, her murder sends shockwaves across college campuses, and the Age of Aquarius gives way to a decade of terror.

Linda knows the killer, but when police ignore her pleas, he slips away. For the next forty years, Linda embarks on a cross-country quest to find him. When she discovers a book written by the murderer’s mother, she learns Christine was not his first victim—or his last. The slayings continue, and a single perpetrator emerges: the Capital City Killer. As police focus on this new lead, Linda receives a disturbing note from the madman himself. Can she stop him before he kills again?

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