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The United States Of Vinland: The Landing (The Markland Settlement Saga Book 1) (FREE!)

The United States Of Vinland: The Landing (The Markland Settlement Saga Book 1)What if?

What if the descendants of the Vikings who settled Greenland and went on to reach North America around the end of the first millennium had stayed?

Five hundred years later, would Christopher Columbus have arrived to the south of an eastern seaboard dotted with centuries old settlements and towns hosting devotees to Thor and Odin?

Might the Norse have gone on to build a nation as dominant as the United States of our own world?

A thousand years after reaching Greenland, Vinland and Markland, would we still have had two world wars? What might the world look like? Where might the political and religious divides be drawn?

Welcome to Norse America.


At the turn of the first millennium:

Eskil, orphaned in war, but now a man, is leading his followers to found a settlement dedicated to Asgard’s gods in the newly discovered lands in the west. There, after tests, adventures and challenges, he will leave a legacy that will grow to become the strongest nation the world has ever seen.

The Landing is the first book in The United States of Vinland series and is an alternate history that begins the saga with the establishment of the first Markland halls.

Join us as we rewrite 1000 years of history.


The Markland Settlement Trilogy (including separately published short stories) reading order:

The United States Of Vinland (USV#1): The Landing
A Short Tale From Norse America (ASTFNA#1): Young Ravens & Hidden Blades
The United States Of Vinland (USV#2): Red Winter
A Short Tale From Norse America (ASTFNA#2): Old Gods (written with permission by L.E. Sheppard)
The United States Of Vinland (USV#3): Loki’s Rage (2015)

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Lawless (Lawless Saga Book 1) (SAVE 92%)

Lawless (Lawless Saga Book 1)From the author of The Fringe comes an addictive new dystopian saga.

When Lark was sentenced to twenty-five years behind bars, she thought San Judas was her lucky break. The primitive 16,000-acre community in rural New Mexico isn’t like any other prison. There are no cells, there is no warden, and Mother Mercy is the law.

She didn’t realize she’d be fighting for survival on a daily basis — battling hunger, violent inmates, and Mother Mercy’s iron fist. Lark’s only friend is Bernie — an off-the-rails environmental activist doing time for arson — and a mysterious stranger who’s been sending her illicit messages from the men’s colony.

Lark never thought escaping San Judas was possible until a message in a bottle changes everything: The guards outside the walls are disappearing, and the world as they know it is coming to an end.

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Hunt for the Saiph (The Saiph Series Book 3) (SAVE 94%)

Hunt for the Saiph (The Saiph Series Book 3)The Commonwealth rise triumphant over the merciless ‘Others’ and the war is over.

Pioneers of the Commonwealth race to colonize virgin worlds, but do not foresee a deadly offensive launched on the planet Balat, shattering the fragile uneasy truce between The Alonans and the Commonwealth..

With war once again threatening to explode amongst the stars the true orchestrator lurks in the shadows. The Creator has returned.

Praise for Hunt for the Saiph:

  • “Great continuation of a believable action packed story.”
  • “I gave this novel high marks for various reasons. One, the overall trilogy was excellent. Two, Corcoran’s character development is outstanding. Three, book three was the best out of the three. “
  • “This, has been a fast paced series, that leaves me wanting more.”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed, I want more!”
  • “Wow! I want more! I started reading and love [sic] it from the start… A fantastic series. Can’t wait for the forth.”
  • Hunt for the Saiph is book 3 in PP Corcoran’s best-selling military science fiction ‘Saiph’ series.

    The Saiph Series comes highly recommended from fans of the Honor Harrington and Lost Fleet series, the works of Jack McDevitt, John Ringo, The Mote In God’s Eye by Niven and Pournelle, Asimov and Arthur C Clark.

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