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free kindle booksWe post 10 to 15 free and bargain kindle books every day! At least 4 of those are free kindle books. Make sure to sign up below to receive email notifications when we post free books for kindle!

    What We Do

    Every day we post free and bargain kindle books (most priced under $2.99). We also suggest kindle apps and other cool things you can do with your kindle device.

    What Types of Kindle Books do we Post?

    Free Non Fiction Kindle Books
    Do you like biographies or business books? We post free non fiction books here every day.

    Free Romance Kindle Books
    Love stories are our most watched for books. We post a lot of free romance books!

    Free Mystery and Thriller Kindle Books
    If Mysteries and suspense books are your cup of tea, we post those too!

    Free Science Fiction Kindle Books
    Science fiction books are also a hot topic here. If you enjoy these, you will love the free science fiction books we post!

    99 Cent Kindle Books
    Everyday we post 1 “99 cent kindle book of the day”. This is a hand-picked book that is generally priced at a deep discount from its original price!

    How To Get Free Kindle Books

    There are a number of ways and websites that you can get free kindle books. One of the best ways to find free books for kindle is simply to sign up with the form above. Every day we post free and deeply discounts books, and we send you an email when new ebooks are posted!

    Another Way to Get Free Books for Kindle:

    The Amazon Best Seller List – All you have to do is click the “top 100 free” tab, and you will find the 100 free kindle books in any category. You can also drill down to the genre of books you want to browse, then click the free tab and you will find all the free ebooks in that category.

    Free Kindle Book Facts That You Don’t Know

    Make Sure the Book is Actually Free

    We do post free kindle books on our website, but Amazon may change the price from free to paid at any given time. There’s simply nothing we can do about that. So make sure the price of the ebook says “$0.00” in the kindle price section on Amazon before purchasing.

    If you were charged for a book that you thought was free, make sure to contact Amazon about getting a refund.

    Grab the Free Kindle Books as Soon as You Can

    As I stated above, the free kindle books do not last long. Authors have the ability to price their books for free on Amazon up to 5 days in a 90 day period. That means, there are many free ebooks available every day.

    That also means that at any moment a ebook can go from free to paid. So if you find a free book that interests you, make sure you grab it because it may not be free ever again.

    New Free Kindle Books Pop Up Everyday

    Since authors that are enrolled in the KDP Select Program (which grants authors the ability to price their ebooks for free), there are always new free ebooks popping up every single day. Which is the reason I started this site.

    I wanted to post free kindle books that I thought were interesting and worth reading – I just never thought this site would grow so quickly!

    Not All Kindle Books Will Be Free

    If you are waiting for an ebook to become free, you may be waiting a lifetime. A lot of authors (especially the big authors) won’t allow their kindle books to be free on amazon. There are a number of reasons they would do that, but I wanted to point that out because it’s not up to amazon to list free kindle books as they see fit – it is up the authors.

    My advice would be to follow the author(s) you like on Facebook or Twitter and keep up to date with what they are doing with their books. A lot of authors will price their books at 99 cents or even $1.99 for a short period of time, then you can get that ebook at a good price.

    In a nutshell, if you are looking for free kindle books, this is the place! Just make sure you sign up using the form above!